The Story

Just outside earth’s solar system lives a planet full of robots. The planet’s name is called planet Botipop. The robot inhabitants there are cute and work together, computing in harmony. The capital city is Robot City. Its lights and color dazzle the senses. The robots use sound waves and electricity to build things and communicate. Like planet earth, family comes 1st on planet Botipop.

A special robot was programmed with the ability of singing, rapping and dancing. His name is Einsteinabot. Einsteinabot symbolized a total connection of love, harmony and awesomeness for all the robots on planet Botipop.

Einsteinabot performed public service announcements and concerts in his flying space pod. “Watch where you’re going. Beee safe! Look both ways.. Beee Great! ” Or after a robot sports event: “Everyone wins – We are friends”. When a robot baby was born, Einsteinabot would perform an entire concert! “Happy Birthday Robot” all over Robot City.

One day while flying high above Robot City, Einsteinabot noticed a colorful cosmic tornado. He’d never seen anything like it and became curious. Closer and closer he went.. out of the safety zone and far away from where he was supposed to be.  “It looks like something beautiful beautiful beautiful”, he sang. The older robots in the patrol areas called for the singing robot puppet. He was flying to close to the vortex.

The space warning lights went off inside the space pod and Einsteinabot tried to turn back for Robot City but it was too late! Soon he was sucked inside a wormhole. Like Wizard of Oz he spun round and round at warp speed. Meanwhile, back on Earth the wormhole opens into the sky and the space streaks through clouds and suddenly.. it crashes into an old barn.

Out of a secret compartment Einsteinabot’s friends emerge who were hiding the whole time. It’s JSBot, KittyB and Doggybot. The robots are not alone however. There’s chickens, pigs, cows and dogs among many others who are all just making all kinds of funs sounds.

This is where our Robot Puppet Show story begins. In order for the robots to find their way home back to planet Botipop, they need to sings as many songs as possible to power up the space pod. Only then will Einsteinabot and his friends be able to go home. Go Botipops!