Happy Birthday Robot CD

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Super Awesome Robot Party Music!!

It’s Einsteinabot’s birthday party CD! This is the pre-sale release! For a limited time get your hands on this special ‘Willy Wonka’ copy of “Happy Birthday Robot!”


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The 1st 100 copies sold will win a chance at 3 grand prizes including free robot birthday party at your venue, a lifetime platinum membership of every product and concept we create and the grand prize of a scholarship bank account trust fund for your little one derived from a percentage of the album royalties!

Einsteinabot’s “Happy Birthday Robot” mixtape/album is a collection of electronic robot dance music. It features many nursery rhymes and original party tracks! Perfect for any space or robot themed event!

Order your independently released Happy Birthday Robot CD today! Each CD purchase gets you a free album download once music is up on digital distribution. Digital download options coming soon!

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