Robot Puppet Show


Einsteinabot is a virtual character and live robot puppet show. He performs music, dance, storytelling and games inside his rocket ship puppet stage. The puppet stage is equipped with stereo sound and colorful LED lights.

Einsteinabot sings robot nursery rhymes and takes audiences on adventures. Even the smallest children love the robot. When Einsteinabot talks, kids listen! Call 818-510-5129

Fun Party Guy

Mr. Kristopher

A professional party entertainer at your service. Mr. K juggles, twists balloons, performs magic, face paints, ringmaster, DJ, actor and comedian. Mr. K wants you and your guests happy! Give us a call or text for more at: 818-510-5129

Birthday Party Mickey!


This is Birthday Party Mickey! He's tons of fun.  He sings, dances, play games, performs magic, twists balloons and even face paints! Give us a call or text for more at: 818-510-5129

Birthday Party Spidey


Spidey dazzles with silly comedy, stunts and juggling. Of course Birthday Party Spidey balloon twists and face paints. He even conducts super hero training! Call or text 818-510-5129

Big Snowman

O Snowman

O Snowman is perfect for Frozen themed parties. Don't let his big size fool you. He does a lot! Singing, dancing and playing are his forte. To top it all off he even makes balloon animals. Let us know when you need him and he'll be right there! Call or text at 818-510-5129

Birthday Party Bat Guy

Bat Guy

When you need action and adventure at your party, you can count on Bat Guy to deliver super laughs and excitement. He performs stunts and magic too! Birthday party Bat Guy face paints and balloon twists amazingly! Call or text 818-510-5129

Activities Directors

Games Masters

Groups games for all ages liven up any event! Some games we coordinate are: *tug-o-war *capture the flag *musical chairs *water balloon toss *pie eating contests *football *baseball *kickball *dodgeball Call or text 818-510-5129

Orange DJ

DJ Dance

When there's a 'party in your tummy' and you need the kids to 'hold still', you can be happy that DJ Dance will deliver a singing, dancing Yo Gabba Gabba themed extravaganza! Setting the party off with big music DJ dance shows up with a 200 watt portable speaker that keeps the kiddies stepping to the beat! Call or text 818-510-5129

Rock Tommy Bot

Robot Mascot

Introducing Rock Tommy Bot. He's an awesome robot that likes to play drums and twist balloons. Sometimes he might make a surprise visit at a party or puppet show. Tommy Bot is a 1st generation robot mascot. A new and improved version of the robot mascot is in the works. 'Remarkable!' Call or text 818-510-5129