Einsteinabot Robot Puppet Show is a virtual character, and live puppet show. It was created by Kristopher Webster in 2011.
The Einsteinabot or ‘Ebot’ show’s sound includes synthesizers, drum machines, vocoders and sometimes live instrumentation. Strongly influenced by Kraftwerk, Einsteinabot continues the sound and genre of ‘robot pop’.
The latest album to the released by the Einsteinabot Robot Puppet Show is called ‘Happy Birthday Robot‘. It’s a virtual sing a long adventure that features classic nursery rhyme remakes modernized with current production trends. It’s also a birthday party themed dance record intended to supply the perfect background music for children’s birthday parties.
Happy Birthday Robot‘ is to be released officially worldwide on May 29th 2017, (Memorial Day). But a pre-release is already underway. 
Kristopher Webster, is a man with many creative interests like music, animation, toys, video games, science, technology, entertainment and psychology. When figuring out how to combine these disciplines, it somehow culminated into a children’s robot character – Einsteinabot! 
“This production is completely independent and self contained. I’ve had a lot of interest from investors and individuals wanting to help grow the brand but all money isn’t good money. We’re looking to partner up with people or businesses in the family oriented market”, said Kristopher Webster, producer.

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